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Square and Cube वर्ग घन संबंधी प्रश्न शार्ट ट्रिक्स 

If you want to solve square and cube related problems in very short time then you have to read this post because this post contain some short tricks of square and cube questions in Hindi as well as English language. In this post we also share some most important frequently asked questions in various competitive exam and basic definitions. This is very helpful for learners who want to crack various competitive exam.

To find out Square 

Square of two-digit number:-

                  If  'AB' is two digit number, then,       (AB)^2 = (A^2) / 2AB / (B^2)

Example :- (64)^2 = ?

To find out Square -2

   Square of three-digit number:-

                  If  'ABC' is any three digit number, then it can be solved by following method:-
                        (ABC)^2 = (A^2) / 2AB / 2AC + (B^2) / 2BC / (C^2)

Example :- (346)^2 = ?

To find out Square -3

   Square of four-digit number:-

                  If  'ABCD' is any three digit number, then it can be solved by following method:-
   (ABCD)^2 = ?
1st step      =    D2
2nd step     =    2CD
3rd step      =    2BC + (C^2)
4th step      =    2AD + 2BC
5th step      =    2AC + (B^2)
6th step      =    2AB
last step      =    A^2  

Example :- (6324)^2 = ?

To find out Square -4

   Square of 1-repeated  number:-

                  To find the square of 1 repeating digit, right 1,2,3,4........... from your right side for number of time 1 repeated is repeated and then right ..........3,2,1 in descending order, in this way we can get the square of 1 repeating number.

Example :-  (111)^2

To find out Square -5

   Square of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9-repeated  number:-

                If we have to find the square of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 repeating number, then right ........3,2,1 from right to left for number of time the digit is repeated and right 1,2........ in descending order and multiply it with the square of repeating digit and the number get after multiplying digit of right side
is added to the number of left side, in this way the square of repeating digit.
  thus square of repeating digit = (repeating digit)^2 x 1,2........ / 3.2.1  

Example :-  (222)^2

To find out Cube

To find out Cube -1

   Cube of two-digit number:-

                  The cube of two digit number can be get by following method :-

  1. Firstly find the cube of tens number and placed as first term in left side.
  2. Ratio of tens and ones number is shown.
  3. The ratio is multiplied by first term and then the product got is again multiplied by the ratio and placed as second term in right side of the first term. By this process third and fourth term is also get.
  4. Second and third terms is doubled and written below they.
  5. From right one by one digits is taken down and remaining number is added to the left side as achieved term.

Example :- (35)^3 = ?

To find out Cube -2

   Cube of 1,2.........,9 number:-

                  The cube of repeating number is got by multiplying that number by its square.

Example :- (111)^3 = ?


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