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IPhone 7 Features | IPhone 7 Review IPhone 7 Specifications Video 

Hello Friends, Now the Apple company has been Launched IPhone 7 with some extraordinary features. We want to give you some interesting specifications i.e. 

  • New black and jet black finishes 
  • Splash and water resistant 
  • New Home button
  • 12MP camera 
  • Optical image stabilization 
  • 7MP Face-Time HD camera 
  • Quad-LED True Tone flash
  • 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras 
  • Optical zoom at 2x Digital zoom up to 10x

  • Wide color gamut 
  • 25% brighter 
  • 3D Touch
  • 2× faster than iPhone 6 
  • Longest battery life ever in an iPhone
  • New stereo speaker system 
  • 2× louder than iPhone 6s 
  • EarPods with Lightning Connector 
  • Introducing AirPods
  • Ultra-fast Wi-Fi for speedy downloads 
  • Answer WhatsApp and other third-party calls

hello friends today I'm going to tell you about the hidden features of iphone 7  having is line the first feature added is about the painting and doing which you can draw in the North option now you can draw anything by using the regiment a pencil by using a pen marca pencil and the scale with it you're also a razor and be kind of colors enable different colors it have the next option is that you can search anything in these settings without looking anywhere by simply pulling down the bail and here you can see this option the next thing is the Wi-Fi assist you can see / first option in the settings and then in the mobile date option yeah you can find the vice versus at the bottom of the page which automatically use the mobile data and your Wi-Fi connectivity spore by 
simply you can simply adding all the next option is also you can make your mobile personal hotspot by making it on you also can use the notification bar where you could survive down from this Crede two beauty Notification
Center you can also edit the Notification Center by editing it and you get add whatever you want to see on your notification centers the next feature is that do not disturb mode you can you can partially switch off your mobile by using the do not disturb or by simply going 
in the control center you can see the end you a here you can see the do not disturb mode by seeing this half the system or I could do activity do not disturb mode which it was no call on your cell phone you get started manually or you can she do it from between a time . the next each others that you can know about the whole of the whole cell phone by going in at the about option in gentle and you can see the name of the mobile

 network how many songs you have we use for those capacity development version serial number I mean number below to come by for a dress you can also use cds or four update of your more wine than the exception is the car plate you can use the mobile phone using why I felt bloated or simply using a USB cable

of your mobile phone in your car then X it is the in the accessibility option you can use a skateboard which will vanish hold the color of the more wine and then enable you to save more battlefield 4 while the next option is the next option is this speech option where you can see speak selection mode
 and speaks Korean more we speak selection mode will appear when you select X and it will read out the conductor content of the techs to speak selection speak screen mode will activate with you will slide down this notification bar by using two fingers of your screen you get the selection on a speed button will appear when you select X speak screen on slide down with two fingers from the top of the screen to hear the content you can also use the speaking rate you get increased or decreased speak selection rates

 selected content you can increase the speaking great let me try to contact the other options you can see the larger text option ball takes but then shapes you can increase or decrease the contrast also you can see they used like this is easy this is the accessibility touch which i'm using you can you can on it or you can switch off at all so this will this will reduce the usage of the home button it will also take you too many options like you can lock screen from here only directly you can increase or decrease in volume from here it will be viewed also from directly from this optionally you don't have to press two buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot by using this option it also enables you to go on another

 another page by using the multitasking option yeah you can use the Notification Center also here you can activate the city also at nice of the page you can see an option of accessibility shortcut which will have six option you can activate one of them by clicking on them and now you can use or activate them by triple clicking on the home button the next expansion option is that there are new wallpapers available after the new update when you can choose them there is an and security in the touch ID and the passcode also in which you can in which you can choose what you want to lock when I love
 exists when the log like you can see the notification new city and a private message and want it you can lock all of them when you have a passcode yeah you can enable the it is . option also which will it is all the date of the iphone after ten failed password attempts menu option is also that you can see more bacterial film or when by enabling the low power mode now enabling this will cut what the color of the battery you can see it converted into your local up and it will tell about the battery usage of the last 
twenty-four hour and all the last seven days it will automatically switch out the battery percentage now you cannot switch it off you can see now the iCloud has been enable will be installed in the iPhone like a default ok you can store or you can backup all your data or value so whenever you will lose it you can download all the data again from the iCloud option now in the maps on so you can choose the volume 
navigation was volume by choosing oh hi normal you want and the distance what do you want to selectively miles or until the winters the language also option has been available as you choose the language of the beginning and you start or send form in the music option also you can use the mobile data to playback and download and you can see what a wonderful way to lose your maximum value what to tell one you to listen to music.


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