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The Real Life Application of Mathematics

Mathematics involves the study of numbers, algorithm, theorems, proofs, and applications that are used by everyone in their everyday life. Maths has an enormous application in every field whether it be in cosmology or topology, every field has some or the other relation with Mathematics.
Let us have a glimpse of various real-life applications of mathematics-

(i) Application in Geology- Mathematics is helpful in the study of Earth. Study of the half-life of objects, determining the transformation of the structure of the earth, the study of the rocks & stones, etc. can be easily carried out with the help of mathematics.

(ii) Construction- Maths also has application in construction. Such as in building, one needs to determine the load to be carried by the base, shape, and dimension of the building, it is really important to use maths for calculating all these factors.

(iii) Weather Forecasting- Predicting weather can be a challenging task without the knowledge of mathematics. Equations like Navier Stokes equation helps in determining the weather condition with the help of mathematics.

(iv) Cosmology- Mathematics also has an application in cosmology, where mathematics equations can model the evolution of the universe,  giving the various number of changes, which has occurred since the beginning the universe (Big bang theory) and the continuous change that goes on, such as expanding of the universe etc. All these are governed by the mathematical equation.

(v) Mining/Machine learning- Mathematics is also used in signal processing. Through the use of Laplace Transform, one can study the frequency domain for the signal, which is a powerful tool.

(vi) Search Engine- Billions of people use the internet every day. The search result uses the gigantic matrix algorithm for showing the search result.  This matrix shows various websites that use linear algebra, probability, and graph theory for finding the popular sites.

(vii) Computers- The branch of computer science is totally dependent on mathematics. As computers understand the binary code (i.e. 0 and 1), mathematics has a wide range of application in computer science.

(viii) Various other applications- The various applications of mathematics include MRI, Topography, Supply chain, Finance, Reading CDs, DVDs, Cryptography, Satellite Navigation, Neurology, Navigation, Lottery, Space observation, Problem-solving, traffic optimization, Designing of clothes, Surveying etc.

All these applications are useful for humans in their day to day life. One needs to pay special attention to the subject as it can help humans in their living. Also having a good knowledge of the subject would help in gaining profits and successful life.

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