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BMW S 1000 RR - La Prova in Pista Della Nuova Superbike BM: REVIEW

Ten years in the business aren't surely not little for a motorbike.

Especially when we talk about a hardcore one such as the S 1000 RR.

Come out in 2009, moreover surrounded even by a big skepticism, it represented the first ever in BMW - in there you can see the first example -in this tranche.

The car company from Munich has shocked however the market with a bike that isn't just all-powerful but that's even really ahead from the electronics point of view.

And, most of all, it's such an efficient bike to drive that basically, everyone went faster.

It has been a market success.

More than 80 thousand of S 1000 RR have been sold over the years.

But, meanwhile, also the competition has grown, and BMW, evolving the project - here you can look at all the S1000 RR of all time - had found itself chasing.

So we can say that time was undoubtedly come for a change of direction.

Yes, we can definitely say that.

And that's just what happened with the new BMW S 1000 RR, which we are going to try today weather permitting.

The new S 1000 RR is surely faithful to all the principles which have inspired the original project but it's brand-new from the first to the last screw.

Starting from the engine: ultra-compact, impressive how much it short and tight, that can claim the shift-cam system of variable timing the same we have seen joining on the boxer 1200 50, which now arrives on the straight four.
But not only the head has been redesigned for all the new engines and lost some weight, a good 4 kg.

Lightning which has heaped together all the other components to reduce the S 1000 RRís weight of 10 kg.

Now they declared 197 kg in running order with a full tank of gas.

As it was expected, the performances increase with such an escalation that, by now, for these bikes seem they don't have limits anymore.

Even the cylinder capacity has been not increased as other competitors have done, remaining faithful to its 999 cc.

Power instead increases as much as 207 HPby 13.

500 revs with a torque of 113 N/m by 10.

500 revs.

But thanks to the Shift-cam System of variable timing, BMW promises to offer even100 N/m from 5.

500 to 14.

500 revs.

Everything in the engine is new, even the connecting roads are shorter and lighter, distribution is changed, the valves are now made of titanium, ergo obviously they are lighter, and the barbell a fingerís weight has lowered by 25%.

These are interventions that have contributed to lifting the limiter, now placed no less on 14.

600 revs.

Indeed many many revs.

Also, the inertial six-axle platform IMU shows up, by which, obviously, all the controls depend, which are now more developed and also the VS pro with the "Cornering" function.

To the well-known 4 riding standard modes, can be - this time are optional - be assisted by the new optional racing layouts PRO 1,2 and 3, which include the final set of all controls.

So now weíre now able to sew on ourselves almost in a sartorial way managing each parameter separately Including rearing, acceleratorís reaction and now even engine breaking cycling's evolution has been equally important.

The chassis has been fully redesigned, it's slimmer and lighter and exploits the engine as a bearing element.

The fork has now an inferior hardening truss and has dropped 300 g.

Its attachment to the chassis, the also known "Pivot", is adjustable up to an extent of 4 mm, which is a solution usually exploited in racing.

Also, the tail suspension kinematic itìs fully renewed, following the "Full-Floater" pattern.

The measures of the bike completely changed: the legs' passageway is really tight, according to BMW it is just a little bigger than a standard one.

This was moreover confirmed by facts.

Also the steering's tilting, the front wheel trail and the wheelbase with a kilometric back truss fork realized by a single piece which is actually 606 mm long.

Looking at these numbers, it's easy to understand how BMW's men wanted to create a bike with this extreme steering but with a long wheelbase just like the current trend wants, which goes looking for the maximum handling without giving up the mechanical traction.

The fork loses 1 mm of the stems' diameter from 46 to 45.

The semi-active suspension - but there's even the possibility of having mechanic suspensions - reach the third generation, so allowing a new more precise adjustment in racing mode.

Also the wheels' weight got reduced,now they weight one kilo and a half less if you wanted the best, you could choose wheels made of carbon from the N pack the same of the HP 4 Race, which allows the balance to stop on 193,5 kg let's say that it's not a lucky day for BMW but neither for us because in Estoril will after all during winter this circuit is known to be a pretty rainy location and so the test has not been completed because we have jumped between the wet track and the super wet track, between the street tires and the rain ones.

We haven't put on the Sleaks, which were thought to be used on dry pavement.

So this is obviously - we could say -an uncompleted test, but it has brought out anyways some qualities of the bike.

Surely the handling is clearly superior: we have tried the model with the N packet, with electronic suspension so let's say that's in the most completed packet which offers first the handling and its the first thing to show up.

Looking at the direction change in the very restricted chicane the Estoril has, itís immediately visible that there's much speed in action.

We should also try the old motorbike with the same rims in order to actually understand if the step forward has been that impressive.

I have enjoyed a lot driving in these conditions.

The engine, the engine's electronic managing of the tractionís controls, the engine braking things which seem to work very good hand-muddled.

BMW hasn't lost his ìeasy and intuitive bikeî soul which all of them can go full speed with.

It has surely increased the performances' level: it is significantly lighter and you can feel the engine going noticeably stronger also because it is being helped in its release obviously by lighter elements and so, when the rims lose one and a half kilograms it's clear that the engine acts brilliantly said that we cannot define this as a completed test because we have never truly succeeded to properly pull the bike and then stressing the elements neither.

But the suspensions offer a good feeling.

in these wet conditions with the rain tires, in short, it is not that easy to drive if the bike doesnít communicate well whatíshappening under the tires, it doesn't go strong at all.

You can see it on board, Anyway, it's pretty smooth.

So, good job for the Bridgestones,which go pretty well on wet pavement, but also good job for the BMW bike,that has surely managed to create a good product, a good pack, - which seems really well combined - talking about brakes: this is a very sensitive topic because many of you have asked me about them.

I haven't detected any kind of problem looking at the feedbacks as looking at the powerís level.

Otherwise Iíll repeat: we have driven with surely unsuitable conditions where se stress a lot also the braking system.

I must say that for me the feedback on the switch is better than the previous version.

Talking about the power, we will make a discussion about it when we'll try the bike in optimum conditions.

When we are going to arrange a new comparative, it will be interesting to see this BMW pack if it would actually be competitive as it seems to be even in the world superbike.

By now, here with this weather, it's already enough that we have managed to drive and to touch the asphalt with the knee in a pair of curves this is what we bring home today sometimes it's also necessary to ride with weather conditions like these.

With conditions like these, it's immediately clear if a pack works in my opinion.

And here there's a good mix, a good amalgam yes, this bike can ride pretty well.


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