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Suzuki Hayabusa - The king of bikes!

I never said it before, but I have always respected Hayabusa Letting jokes aside is simply incredible and deserves our respect Hayabusa begins his legend in 1998, where it was developed with one the only thought.

Destroy it Honda Blackbird and win the battle for the fastest speed For all this I will make a separate video so make sure you are subscribed to the Akatsky Racing Team newsletter.

In fact, Suzuki comes from nothing and realize a powerful machine without anyone noticing and become the new kings of motorcycles Manufactured in 1999, it was the fastest motorcycle with the opportunity to quarter mile for nine seconds and at maximum speed from 194 miles per hour.

That was it time for most motorcycles was unattainable and to Hayabusa 1999 technically the fastest motorcycle compared to the others technically faster than any other modern until you remove the software restrictions.

Of course, Hayabusa was limited one year later at 186 miles per hour like other large motorcycles but that does not matter Hayabusa is the king of motorcycles undetected for years and this is just the beginning of the legend I will never forget the time when I visited Puerto Rico.

My family and I went to visit the bioluminescent bay and when we arrived was full of people walking around celebrating and enjoying his time.

Walking around, I heard some engine noise I turned around and saw a Puerto Rican Hayabusa Madame.

I was already impressed by culture in Puerto Rico and I said I like it her bike, and she replied that it was the best motorcycle on the island and all around they agreed with her.

They all liked it The Hayabusa you see.

Hayabusa is a well-known name, not just because it is known in Japan.

Known throughout the world Hayabusa of Japanese is Sokol Skitnik Sokol Wanderer is a bird he often expresses speed metaphor.

Moving vertically while hunting can reach a speed of 240 miles per hour this is the fastest bird in the world just like the name of the unlimited power to the world's fastest bike.

The name sounds really nice for such a beast.

Interestingly, it is The False Falcon hunts and kills blackbirds, which is also the name of the fastest bike before Hayabusa Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, which Hayabusa destroys and kills a lot as the maximum speed of this motor is only 175 miles per hour.

Hayabusa's vision is a lot controversial.

I noticed that many people hate it, but I really really like it how it looks.

I think he is very good lines, but also the design trends I'm sure, that they are slightly obsolete But that's Hayabusa's signature The design will be tainted if it changes.

Hayabusa is one of the most modified motorcycles in the world.

She is an empty frame for most tuning fans.

No matter whether you like it or not there are many interesting and modern designs The Suzuki Hayabusa engine is abnormal the main modifications introduced in these motors are a turbo and NOS system.

Very common, these motorcycles can reach up to 300hp from an absolute stock option.

250 horses are recommended before you start testing the reliability of the engine.

The engine is so good that some people put used engines from Hayabusa in cars or even in an airplane In 2006 Kawasaki was tired to listen to the legendary Hayabusa The title of "King of Motorcycles" is something that Kawasaki wants for themselves.

So they are preparing to destroy Busa once for all and Kawasaki do its cylindrical zx-14 with 1352 CC four - cylinder straight line engine competitor the four-cylinder 1298 CC of Hayabusa.

Kawasaki becomes the fastest motorcycle defeating Hayabusa.

Their 190 horses and 140 newtons compared to the seven-year-old engine that makes only 173 horses and 140 Newtons Suzuki was not fascinated with the fact that Kawasaki have superiority over their beloved Busa So they are back in 2008 with the fully transformed Hayabusa k-8 Suzuki are aware, to defeat Kawasaki must respond to the fire with fire.

They modestly increase the cubic capacity of 1340cc Yes, Suzuki says "Okay Kawasaki you can have a bigger engine and it will be very pleasant when we beat you " And they do it because KA Busa there is 197 horsepower.

Suzuki proves to the world that even Kawasaki cannot stop them, never.

They have a great engine and the whole world knows it, not just quick on the right, but also fast in the turns.

The king regained his throne and Suzuki returned to the top Kawasaki spent years banging on their heads, to find a solution after were disturbed by Suzuki's smaller engine and they did not find the answer to the mystery of the legendary k8.

Kawasaki decided to fall even lower in 2012.

when we show the new transformed zx-14 We know zx-14r is the second generation of this bike.

And it should be known as a silencer, because keep Suzuki quiet for more than 10 years And to zx-14r destroy Hayabusa but he did not honor it.

Once again Kawasaki cheats like an increase the cubature of already the largest 1352cc on the 1441cc engine.

This is 89cc an increase by which the Kawasaki 101cc advantage.

The Zx-14r had an advantage over Hayabusa, these are children's numbers, but they are working to return to the throne "King of Motorcycles" doing abnormal 208 horsepower and 153nm acceleration.

Just jettisoned motorcycles the Suzuki in the dust and officially shut Suzuki's mouth.

Somehow zx-14r is a slight reminder of the situation Blackbird and Suzuki coming with a larger engine, becoming the "retail king" Anyway Kawasaki definitely goes to the next level.

Conclusion: Although in history Busa seems to be the first in my mind, current King Kawasaki cannot build a naturally inspired engine that to have a similar cubature to that of Hayabusa and cannot defeat them 13 40 CC high-pressure atmospheric engine is the best.

And I bet that Suzuki will once again raise their representative to meet zx-14r and dethronize them again.

I think Suzuki has taken the right path because there is no other name or motorcycle, which to provoke fear in Kawasaki's bosom as Hayabusa.

And Kawasaki knows this because even if they thought, that they have won, they really are not.

Friends as you know, I'm not a big fan of street races or maximum speeds So, would I ever have my own.

YES! I would be happy because I love Hayabusa.

I'm not sure when I can get myself, but if I do not I would have liked at least to make it have one would be a success for me because it is larger and much faster than the fastest VFR So who knows.

Despite all this is an amazing bike, which I respect very much.

Thank you all for looking and hoping you liked the video if it is you may want to subscribe to the Akatsky Racing newsletter for more material.


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